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Tuesday, 18 April, 2017

6 July2017 – We have just updated the kitten’s availabilty on the relative pages. To see the pictures click here

Thursday, 23 March, 2017

We have just upload the pictures of the new kittens.

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Thursday, 19 January, 2017

Surya Maine Coon cattery is happy to inform you that on the page “Kittens Available” we added the 6 kittens’ picture out of  Felix Coon Odissea and Osculum Ignis della Tribù del Deserto. To go directly to page click here….

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Friday, 23 September, 2016

Surya Maine Coon cattery announce her 2 new litter in Kittens Available Section. If you want to have more information, click here…..

Cuccioli Settembre 2016 - Allevamento Surya Maine Coon

Thursday, 18 February, 2016

In Genoa we showed the same cats in Prague. The unlucky Suryamainecoon Amos got EX1 both days but on Saturday lost nomination while on Sunday won BIV and NOMINATION but lost the best in show against a beautiful sibearian kitten……Suryamainecoon Surya got her CACS and NOMINATION on Saturday, on Sunday also the BIV becoming DVM. Both days lost best in show against a beautiful novergian cat forest adul female.

Surya Genova

Suryamainecoon Renegade both days obatined CAGPIB, BIV (on Sunday), NOMINATION and BEST IN SHOW. Both days toke also part to the best of best becoming BEST OF BEST 2nd place on Saturday and BEST OF BEST 1st place on Sunday……great satisfaction!!!

Renny Genova


Saturday, 13 February, 2016

At this show in Lysa Nad Labem we decided to show 3 cats. The big kitten Suryamainecoon Amos who got both days EX1, NOMINATION and BEST IN SHOW kitten 7-10 months. Suryamainecoon Surya on saturday got her CAGCIB and on sunday her first CACS. Both days she also got the BIV, NOMINATION and won the BEST IN SHOW adult females!!!

Surya Lysa nad Labem

Obviously we also presented our Suryamainecoon Renegade that got his last CAPIB on saturday and his first CAGPIB on sunday. Both days he have been nominated and won the BEST IN SHOW.

Renny Lysa Nad Labem2The Best of Best rules are a little bit different from Italy because only one cat for category may take part to it. So, our Renegade wons against all other cats of II Category and toke the 2nd place to the BEST OF BEST!!! 3 showed cats, 6 BEST in SHOW in two days….what else??!!!

Wednesday, 25 November, 2015

World Show Malmo 2015

Also this year Surya Maine Coon family was as usual present at World Show on last October week end in Malmo. It is always a pleasure partecipating in world show because it is a beautiful chance to meet other breeder and friends that usually don’t met during other shows in the rest of year.

This year we presented 2 cats, out new star Suryamainecoon Amos who got his EX1 and BIV but lost the nomination against another beautiful red kitten. Suryamainecoon Renegade, whose show curriculum speak alone, was not lucky and met a judge who didn’t appreciate him and so he got Ex2.

It’s always a beautiful pleasure to be present at the World Show and so….see you next year in Vienna!!!

Friday, 30 October, 2015

Finally the first pics of the kittens born at the end of September 2015 from Dutch Angle of The Schi-Coons and Suryamainecoon Thiago Silva Forza Milan.

Click here to see the pics…..


Friday, 16 October, 2015

He is Suryamainecoon Amos, our new kitten. In the pics you see below he was very very very young but if you want to see as he became click here….


Thursday, 15 October, 2015

Also in this show we presented two cats.

At his first appearance, Suryamainecoon Amos, in category 4-7 months, he behaved very well. On Saturday he got EX1, BEST in VARIETY and NOMINATION but he was defeated 4-2 at the best in show by a beaufitul norwegian cat. On Sunday he got the same result of the day before but he won also the BEST IN SHOW…..not bad as first appearance!!!


Suryamainecoon Renegade, after having finished the class CAP at the previous show, he got both days his first 2 CAPIB, the NOMINATION, the BEST IN SHOW and also the BEST OF BEST. Renny, do you like Casale show, do we go there also next year??!!!


After few months of absence from shows, Surya Maine Coon toke part to Erba show, organized by our friend Gianfranco.

As usual we start from female with Suryamainecoon Surya who got her CAGCIB on Saturday, the BEST in VARIETY, the NOMINATION and the BEST IN SHOW. Since it is not said that Sunday is a copy of Saturday, she made a guest appearance on the second day!!!

Then we spoke about our Suryamainecoon Renegade that got both days his CAP, on Saturday he got also the BEST IN VARIETY and both days has been NOMINATED and won the BEST IN SHOW both days……well done Renny!!!


Monday, 15 December, 2014

As usual, the last week-en of October ther is the World Cat Show an this year it has been planned in Prague in a very very big show hall. We left Italy on Thursday morning and after a day trip we arrived in the hotel where we stayed for a free day on Friday and then we go to the show…..

Intro WCS2014Suryamainecoon Pablo Escobar, after a free year, he came bacl in a show. He is already Supreme Champion from a lot of time and so he race immeditaley  for the BIV against another beautiful MaineCoon (one the favorties to win) and he got the Best in Variety and then the Nomination. We can see him below to the judge Selassa during the judgment.

Pablo Mondiale 2014Suryamainecoon Renegade, his first show as neuter and so he didn’t have the typical condition and structure of all neuters cat. Anyway he got his first CAP and the Nomination for the final.

Renegade Mondiale 2014Suryamainecoon Vertigo, at his first show as adult, at his first world show, he has only 15 months and so he is not a complete adult cat but he gave to us a lot of satisfaction. He was against ohers adult male, much more bigger than him but he won against everyone and he got his first CAC and the Best in Variety against out Suryamainecoon Shakira but he lost the nomination against another beautiful Maine Coon….

Vertigo Mondiale 2014Suryamainecoon Shakira, completed her show career some months ago and she has been choosen as best adult female but she lost the BIV against our Vertigo but she lost the nomination against other adult female.                                                                Suryamainecoon Surya, female with a beautiful look but she need to be looked very very well to be correctly evaluated. She got and EX2 because the judge didn’t appreciate green eyes over black tortie coat…..misunderstood!!!

Tuesday, 22 July, 2014

This morning we updated the first June’s litter between Felix Coon Paprika and our Osculum Ignis della Tribù del Deserto.

We have also inserted the first pictures of the second June’s litter between SuryaMaineCoon Reina and Shonycoon’s Underworld,JW.

Click here to see the pictures….

Foto Articolo

Friday, 27 June, 2014

Finally, the first litter in June is born. We have 3 black tortie female and 2 red malese whose parents are Felix Coon Paprika e Osculum Ignis della Tribù del Deserto. Click here to see immediately their first pictures!!! Click Here…


Friday, 28 March, 2014


Surya Maine Coon Renegade in Rovigo gets his first 2 CACS certificates, the BEST in VARIETY and on Sunday also the NOMINATION.

Surya Maine Coon Vertigo instead get both days his EX1, BEST in VARIETY and NOMINATION. After 3 best in show lost the draw on Saturday won its fourth BEST IN SHOW……. Vertigo, you’ll miss just one!


As usual great show in Cernobbio, a lot of cats and a lot of  public in this now customary show ( close to home ) . We showed up with our juggler Surya Maine Coon Thiago Silva Forza Milan that the on Saturday had to be content with point and Best in Variety since the nomination was defeated by a Siberian cat in an amazing condition and with a truly rare beauty . On Sunday replied the Saturday, but in addition he got also the NOMINATION . At best in show was unfortunately defeated by the Siberian of day before but still managed to get 2 votes on the panel.


Surya Maine Coon Vertigo . We can define this exhibition , an exhibition truly unfortunate for him . Both days gets the POINT eliminating the other kittens in the competition, also gets the BEST IN VARIETY defeating the adults and then the NOMINATION . And here comes the bad luck because both days for the best in show ends in a draw and the win was awarded to the draw where he unfortunately lost … defeated head high !









Wednesday, 22 May, 2013

We are pleased to share with you the happiness of seeing one our cat photographed and named in a magazine. Here is the tribute to the triple World Winner Surya Maine Coon Pablo Escobar, JW!!!!

WW'12,'11,'10 Surya Maine Coon Pablo Escobar,JW

Tuesday, 18 December, 2012




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